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Positive Thoughts Make You Healthier

According to statistics, 66% of adults in the US are overweight or obese. Every year, obesity causes about 112,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease, more than 15,000 deaths related to cancer, and more than 35,000 deaths to other diseases. It is scary and sad because the majority of those deaths could be prevented.

People KNOW they eat too much of the wrong foods, but prefer to ignore that fact and do nothing about it.  Many of us accept yo-yo dieting almost as a lifestyle, in spite of gaining, even more, pounds after each attempt.

When people make a decision “to be on a diet,” they do it mostly because of social or personal events, such as meeting a new boyfriend or girlfriend, attending their own or Positive thoughts make you healthiersomeone else’s wedding, summer season (to fit into a bikini), birthday, holiday season, looking for a new job, etc. So, as we can see, they are mostly “I don’t like myself as I am now” reasons. The reason “I want to be healthier, feel lighter, get rid of the knee pain, and similar” much rarer, and mostly appears when something negative has already happened. Such as a diagnosis of high blood sugar or/and cholesterol, pancreas or liver disease, abnormal ECG or stress test.

Why should we wait for these dangerous signs?

Why is being able to fit into a dress/ suit and look thinner

more important than being healthy and living longer?

The truth behind a thoughtI need to fit into the dress/suit” is “I am fat and ugly now. If I am slimmer – I’ll be more attractive.” This is an extremely negative starting point! Even if we lose those extra pounds by that wedding, we’ll gain more of them very quickly very soon and be back to the initial point “I am fat and ugly now, I need to be slimmer to be more attractive.”  Is this what you want? Do you want to be back to your BEFORE, when you have already achieved your AFTER?

However, such positive thoughts as “I desire to be healthy, beautiful, attractive and energetic” or “I want to live a long healthy life and be a great example to my loved ones” sound different. They give you the powerful motivating and positive approach that includes envisioning a future with your healthy body, soul, relationships and your whole life!

Always keep that image in mind.

You should know that you deserve it.

If you are serious about your health, take advantage of simple, touching, inspirational, and motivational positive affirmations:

Your Super WEIGHT   and  Your Super SELF

They’ll engage your subconscious and will bring results much easier and faster!


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