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The purpose of this website is to reassure you that YES, YOU CAN:

  • Enjoy the art of cuisines and savor delicious meals at any occasion

o    Become much healthier and happier

  • Lose extra weight and KEEP it off for a lifetime

Every week you’ll find here new articles, valuable healthy tips and simple recipes for yummy, easy to make meals.

It really doesn’t matter if you wish to get rid of a couple of extra pounds, or dreaming to lose a hundred. Here you’ll find the answers.

The weight is just a number. It is NOT about your weight.

It’s about YOUR  WHOLE  LIFE! 



Dr. IRINA Koles


Bestselling Author of

Taste of Thoughts®. Improve Your Health and Whole Life


#1 International Bestselling Author of collaborative book

The Expert Success Solution


M.D., Master in Healthcare Management


Certified Professional Coach


The Silva Method Life System and Intuition System Graduate




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