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Weight Loss Survey Results

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I’ve recently conducted a survey of people who think, or ever thought, of losing some weight. The questions in the survey were asking about the RESULTS people want to achieve, do they think they are ABLE and WILLING to achieve them, and what are the main ISSUES keeping them from achieving their goal.

Among the top four RESULTS that people want to achieve are listed:

• Improve my health (71.9%),

• Feel lighter (59.4%)

• Be better looking (59.4%)

• Develop new, healthier eating habits (53.1%)

I am really happy to hear that! Those four are worth the efforts. Being healthier and feeling great, isn’t it a wonderful goal?

 Weight Loss Results, improve my health, healthy eating habits


87.5% of people are WILLING to make a commitment

Total of 12.5% are not sure, or thinking about doing it someday, but not now.

Willing to lose weight


Those of you who are WILLING to make a commitment, would like to receive the following service:

• Regular emails with practical weight loss tips (42.9%)

• Teleseminars/ Webinars (25.0%)

• Group of Weight Loss Program (25.0%)

• Online community to share (21.4%)

• Private Weight Loss Coach (14.3%)

weight loss support,weight loss tips, weight loss caching











The results of that survey helped me in creating a plan for the near future. I will send you emails with weight loss tips, healthy recipes, and solutions for a healthy weight loss. We’ll do teleseminars and webinars, which will help to create a community of like-minded people with the same goal.

For private coaching, please email me at dr.irina@weightdestiny.com , and we’ll set up an appointment for 20 minutes FREE initial consultation.


The next question was “Do you think you are ABLE to achieve the results you want?”

• 78.1% stated that “Yes, it is possible to achieve the desirable results”

• 9.4% “Yes if someone supports me”

• 9.4% “Not sure”

• 6.3% “Yes, if it is easy and I don’t have too many restrictions”

Able to lose weight











Well, this is good news too! High motivation is always our friend, and “where there is a will, there is a way.” You can always count on my support, and I promise you, that there are no too many restrictions in your new healthy lifestyle. Actually the opposite – lots of surprises and new opportunities will come your way, of which you may not be fully aware of yet.

Among the main ISSUES that may keep you from being ABLE to achieve the desired results, the most popular are:

• “My work schedule and work style,” or “My family and my lifestyle”

• “This is very hard for me, I like to eat”

• “I tried before and it did not work” and “I am afraid to fail”

• “Laziness,” or “I cannot do it alone”

Yes, I totally understand those obstacles and will do my best to make your life easier. Together, we’ll create your personal healthier eating habits, so you can start making progress easier and faster.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Dr. Irina.


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Weight Loss Survey Results
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Weight Loss Survey Results
Results of a survey of people who think, or ever thought, of losing some weight. The questions in the survey were asking about the RESULTS people want to achieve, do they think they are ABLE and WILLING to achieve them, and what are the main ISSUES keeping them from achieving their goal.
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