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Keep a Journal to Speed Your Success

Have you ever considered keeping a Success Journal? If you did, do you have it? Are you documenting and keeping track of your achievements on a daily basis?

If you haven’t done so yet, this is a perfect time to start!

All my students know that ‘Success Journal’ is my favorite topic 😉

Where to start?

First, purchase a fancy journal. Choose your favorite color, favorite shape, and appealing textured cover. You will be using it daily, so you should love your success journal and enjoy holding it in your hands.

keeping Success JournalThen, every night, before going to bed, get your success journal and write down your five key achievements for that day. It does not matter how big they are. Perhaps, you started applying for a postgraduate degree, or simply sending an email to a friend. The important thing is to honor yourself, to recognize those tiny but important steps in your Self Growing process.

If you have a clear goal in mind, coordinate your achievements with your goal. For example, if you are working on reducing some weight, concentrate on those achievements first:

  1. I’ve read the article about five healthy foods
  2. I ate grilled chicken and a fresh salad for dinner
  3. I did not eat donuts offered at the staff meeting this morning
  4. I took a half-hour walk in the evening
  5. I cooked whole grain pasta with vegetables for tomorrow’s lunch.

Sometimes you don’t have five achievements related to your goal. In that case, start with related achievements and add any other unrelated ones. They are still yours, so give yourself some credit:

  1. I ate whole grain pasta with vegetables for lunch.
  2. I declined to go out for pizza, so I ate healthier food and saved money
  3. I took my kids out for an evening walk, and we had a great time together
  4. I finally called my mother- in- law, and even stayed calm during that conversation
  5. I’ve read “Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus” by John Gray, to improve my relationships

You’ll be amazed how keeping a success journal will motivate you and influence your thinking and your behavior. You will start noticing positive things about yourself, you’ll start appreciating the great moments in your life, and you’ll DO much more every day.

Read your notes periodically. Remind yourself how great you are, and how many great things you do every single day.

Compare today’s YOU with yesterday’s YOU. Did you make a progress during the day? Week? Month or year?

Write down all your achievements, be proud of them, celebrate the victories, and be willing to achieve more.

It will stimulate you, inspire you and will help you succeed.

Since no one can do it for you, but YOURSELF, don’t delay.

Start YOUR success journal NOW.


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