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Positive Emotions and Achievements

Recently, I’ve helped my friend to take care of her two months old baby-boy. I smile right away recalling this positive experience 🙂

When I was feeding him, an interesting analogy related to his eating behavior, came to my mind.

When feeding time has come, he ate very enthusiastically with a great appetite! However, as soon as he became fuller, his interest slowly disappeared, and very soon he stopped eating at all. He pushed my hand away, turned his head to avoid the bottle and got upset with my attempts to feed him some more milk. Anyhow, there were no chances to continue feeding. This tiny newborn creature succeeded in implementing his desire of not being overfed. He stopped eating immediately after getting full.

Unlike babies, adults usually ignore their satiation and continue eating. Why?

Why do we eat when we are full?

Why we can’t resist getting a second (third, fourth etc’) course?

Why do we eat when we are not hungry?

Even worse: although we know the consequences; feeling bad both physically and emotionally, we still keep doing the same things over and over. We KNOW that overeating is wrong and not healthy but resisting the temptation seems almost impossible.

On the other hand, we may recall periods in our lives when we succeed in taking things under control. Then we were able to focus on achieving our goals and directing all our willpower on manifesting a desire.

The problem is that relying solely on willpower makes reaching a goal much more difficult.

The baby did not rely on his willpower; he does not have one yet.

He was driven by his feelings, instincts, and emotions.

Relying on willpower is important but it is not the only strategy you should use for achieving your goals. Willpower is simply not enough. That’s because mobilizing willpower is brought to you by your CONSCIOUS decision. You go for it intentionally. It is mostly built upon a necessity and unhappiness with what you already have. This process creates negative emotions related to that unhappiness, or you can easily be influenced by others.

Unless your willpower does not include a positive emotional component, chances to succeed are pretty low, the process itself is way too hard, and the results are temporary.

When you are driven by EMOTIONS, FEELINGS and POSITIVITY,

you’ll achieve your goal much easier, quicker, and the long-lasting results are guaranteed!



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