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Lightest 4th of July Cake Ever 2017-06-29T06:37:19+00:00

Lightest 4th of July Cake Ever

Project Description

Lightest 4th of July Cake Ever

Looking for a light, easy and healthy desserts recipes? I modified a traditional 4th of July flag cake with Low Glycemic Index healthy ingredients 🙂 so you can enjoy this super light and delicious no-guilt-cake.

Easy and healthy Low Glycemic Index desserts recipes


For a base:

For frosting:

  • ½ pint (250 ml) whipping cream
  • 1 tbs pure fructose
  • 1 Siggi’s fat-free Vanilla yogurt

For decoration:

  • Strawberries and blueberries


  • Pour the dough into a baking dish 
  • Bake 16 minutes in preheated oven on 350*F (160*C)
  • Let cool in a room temperature
  • Meanwhile, whisk a cream with fructose, and add yogurt at the end
  • Spread frosting over a cake and decorate with berries
  • For letting flavors blend, make the cake and cover it with frosting 1-2 days ahead and keep in a refrigerator. Then, 1-2 hours before serving, decorate it with berries. 

Weight Loss Help

  • The Glycemic Index of Almond meal is low, only 15
  • The Glycemic Index of pure fructose is 20, which is 5 times less than Glycemic Index of sugar (100)
  • There are NO other carbs in this recipe
  • Siggi’s Vanilla yogurt is sugar-free
  • If you prefer do not use heavy cream because of high blood cholesterol, you can skip it, and use 4-5 Siggi’s Vanilla yogurt instead

Have a Happy and Healthy 4th of July Celebration!


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