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Myths About Dieting (5)

Dieting Myth #5: Strong Willpower Ensures Good Results

Another big myth about dieting and a big mistake you can make is relying on willpower only.

Focusing on a dieting process, while ignoring the benefits and the power of imagination. The truth is:

It is almost impossible to lose (and keep!) your desired weight relying on willpower only.

Statistics shows that only 10% of people are able to keep their achieved weight for more than one year. Unbelievable! After months or even years of struggling, following different diets and hard exercising, nine out of ten people will be back to their previous weight in less than only ONE YEAR! Actually, the things are getting even worse. As I’ve mentioned in  a  Myth Number Three, the body survival instinct will lower your metabolism and you will gain even more weight after all.

Please remember that it is not about your weight. Weight is just a number. This is about your whole life. Willpower is not enough. The power of the imagination plays a huge and very important role in a weight loss process. Think about all the benefits of “not caring those extra pounds,” use visualization techniques, and FEEL it.

How would your life be different?

If you are serious about your health and general happiness, I sincerely recommend using positive affirmationsYour Super Weight and Your Super Self



I’ve created them for YOU with all my heart. They are the result of own life experience, wide knowledge, passion, and infused with lots of positive energy. Those simple, touching, inspirational and motivational affirmations will engage your subconscious, which speeds the process, making it much easier and more fun!


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