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Myths About Dieting (4)

Dieting Myth #4: Making a Commitment Leads to Success

Thinking that commitment is most important step in weight loss process, is another myth about dieting. I saw many people who “made a commitment” but it didn’t take them any further. I couldn’t get a clear answer to such simple questions as:

“What is your ideal weight?”

“How many pounds would you like to get rid off?”

Do YOU have a clear goal in mind?

Most people don’t have goals which are written on paper and then placed in front of their eyes. But if you don’t know your final destination, how can you get there? You can’t and you never will. You MUST know where you are going.

Thinking something like “It would be nice to lose several pounds by Christmas” doesn’t help and doesn’t work. Your real goal should be:

• Clear, specific and measurable (think about a certain number of pounds by which you can reduce your weight over a certain period of time.)

  • a certain number of pounds
  • a certain period of time

• Challenging, but realistic and achievable

  • promising yourself to be 10 pounds less by next week is obviously a promise to failure and even dangerous for your health

• Stated in a present tense rather than in a future tense

  • otherwise, it may stay in future forever and never become your reality

Now go ahead and make it happen!

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