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Myths About Dieting (3)

Dieting Myth #3: Skipping Meals Helps to Lose Weight

If you are going to have a big dinner tonight, you are more likely skipping your lunch entirely or just having a snack. I can assume that you’ll also drink a strong coffee all day long, to stay active. Huge mistake, especially if you do it repeatedly.

What happens when you skip meals? When you do that, your body survival instinct comes into play. Since you are not getting any food, your body will quickly adjust its energy requirements, and will lower your metabolism to keep everything you eat and to “save for a rainy day.” This way you are ending with the exactly opposite results of gaining weight versus losing weight.

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating Mindset, Bestsellers in Diets, Wellness Weight Loss Programs Plans. Low Glycemic IndexParadoxically, although we eat less, we gradually gain more and more weight. In a long term, after dieting, our weight not only goes back to its starting point, but in most cases, we gain even more weight.

Please do your best do not skip meals. It’s OK to have a smaller lunch, but never skip your meal entirely. Have a green salad, nuts or cheese, to keep your metabolism up.

And of course, the food on your big dinner plate should be only  Low and Medium Glycemic 


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