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Myths About Dieting (1)

I have recently given several radio interviews , and the same questions were coming again and again:

“How many calories should I eat to lose weight?”

“What is the best food to eat to lose weight?”

“Why diets don’t work? What people are doing wrong?”

Well, I revealed five greatest mistakes and would like to share them with you. Here is the first one:

Dieting Myth #1: Counting Calories or Points is The Key

Though certain calorie intake is important to keep us alive, it may come from the wrong food! It is not about the number of calories, but about their origin, what food they are coming from.

For example, there are approximately 200 calories in 1 cup of pasta and one cup of mashed potatoes. Please pay attention, they are both carbs, equivalent food, I do not compare a cheesecake with broccoli here. The question is: will you gain (or lose) the same amount of weight, eating them? The answer is NO. You WILL gain weight from 200 of potatoes, but NOT from 200 calories of pasta. Obviously, there are many details around that, but the point is still the same.

On the first glance, both foods should have a similar effect, since they have the same amount of calories. You may even think that potatoes are healthier since they are vegetables and come from nature. Maybe it’s true, but not from a weight loss perspective.

The Glycemic Index of potatoes is High (70-80) when the Glycemic Index of pasta is Medium (50), and the whole grain pasta is 40. Pasta is a “Good Carb”. It is a great source of fiber and energy and does not lead to significant elevation of blood sugar. Cooked with vegetables, it does not cause weight gain.

That principle  applies to everything we eat.

It is NOT about the NUMBER,

it’s about the ORIGIN of that number.

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