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Motivation to Lose Weight. Part 2

In the article Motivation to Lose Weight. Part 1 –  WHY to Keep Your Motivation to Lose Weight , I mentioned that our conscious mind remembers our ACTIONS. That means that it also remembers some restrictions, deprivations, and discomfort, which to some degree associated with a dieting process. No matter how hard you try to call upon your willpower, nothing helps.

At this point, we need to appeal to our subconsciousness instead. It remembers our FEELINGS, not our actions.

HOW to Keep Your Motivation to Lose Weight


  • HOW did you feel looking at the scale before you made the decision to lose some weight?
  • WHY did you decide to lose weight?
  • WHY did you join the gym?
  • WHAT was your initial purpose?
  • HOW did you feel when your weight started to drop?
  • WHAT did you feel when your clothes became too big for you, and you went shopping for new ones which were smaller sizes?
  • HOW did you feel accepting compliments regarding your amazing new outlook?

Maybe you can’t recall it all at once and answer all the above questions now. That’s fine, please take your time.

Then, get a piece of paper or better purchase a beautiful personal journal. Give an attractive title to the process of your recreation. Now, divide a page into two columns.

In the left column write down WHY you decided to lose some weight.

For example:

  • Being overweight causes life-threatening diseases, and I want to be healthy and live longer
  • My current clothes don’t fit me anymore, and I don’t have money for new ones
  • I hate when my friends (parents , kids, co-workers) are teasing me for being overweight, or criticizing me
  • It would be nice if She/ He liked me
  • ………………………………………….

Let’s say that last time you lost your extra pounds, and achieved your desired weight successfully. However, by now, you gained it back and still can’t return to the previously developed healthy eating habits and any kind of exercising.

This is a perfect time to refer to your subconsciousness and to recall the FEELINGS that overwhelmed you at the moments of your triumph.

Recall all those feelings and write them down in the second column of your journal. The number of goals in the first column should not necessarily match the number of feelings in the second one. This is not that important. If you refresh your memory, or rather your soul, for at least one big, deep, exciting feeling you felt then, this is a big victory.

Remember this feeling. Experience it again and again. Fill it with shiny bright colors, making it even more glowing and lovely. Get back to that feeling frequently during the day, and especially before going to sleep.

Very soon, you’ll start experiencing the same excitement and desire that moved you to action previously. Your motivation to lose weight will come back, but please don’t lose it again. Keep those great inspiring feelings, restore them, smile at them, and love them.

Now, you’ll be able to not only reach your desired weight easily and with fun, but you’ll also keep it once and for all.



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