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Motivation to Lose Weight. Part 1

At certain periods in our life, we get excited about something new, think about that all day long, spend lots of energy, time and money on that new idea, and feel very happy when our goal is achieved. We made it! We are proud of that and proud of ourselves. However, later we may lose our enthusiasm, and get back to our “BEFORE” situation shortly after achieving our “AFTER” results. Has it ever happen to you? If yes, you are not alone.

New ideas intrigue us, and we are getting involved with them deeply, forgetting about any other interests.

That’s OK regarding our hobbies, or any other temporarily interests. We don’t have to do the same things over our entire life. There is nothing worse than living a boring life, working at a job you hate, or being a part of a dead-end relationship. In those situations, it’s better to just let it go, and start with a new page.

But what if it’s about YOU and your health?

As a weight loss expert, I’d like to use the example of your efforts to reduce weight. How to stay motivated to lose weight, and keep your (once attained) ideal weight?

When we do not KEEP what we’ve already achieved, we are going back and maybe never be able to achieve it again. Starting from the beginning is always much harder, takes more time and efforts.

If so, then WHY are we repeatedly going back? Don’t we have enough time? Willpower? Money? Support of our friends and family?

The answer is simple. We are losing our MOTIVATION. In this particular case, our motivation to lose weight. We are missing our excitement, our spark, and don’t feel that desperate desire any longer.

WHY Keep Your Motivation to Lose Weight ?

What should we do to stay motivated and keep our (not easily achieved) results? Let’s say that last summer you successfully lost 20 pounds, looked great and felt awesome. However, the following winter you started to gain those pounds back. Going to the gym “in such cold weather” became uncomfortable, dealing with the holiday season feast was almost impossible, plus your family started to watch a new show unfaithfully crunching pounds of chips and popcorn. Does it sound familiar?

You’ll be surprised, but at this point, calling your willpower and consciously forcing yourself to get back to healthy eating, is totally ineffective.

The point is that our conscious mind remembers our ACTIONS. That means that it also remembers some restrictions, deprivations and discomfort, which to some degree associated with a dieting process.

No matter how hard you try to call upon your willpower, nothing helps. At this point we need to appeal to our subconsciousness instead.

Part 2 explains HOW to Keep Your Motivation to Lose Weight


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