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Life Tree. Our Inner = Outer World.

The majority of people prefer to explain their personal problems with external circumstances.

“I’ve got bad genes, my metabolism is very low, whatever I eat – I gain weight”

“I work too hard, my schedule is inconsistent, I can’t eat healthy at work”

“No rice? Oh, please! White rice is a favorite food of Chinese people, but they are slim!”

All those statements are nothing more than just excuses. Instead, they should become a REASON for taking actions towards improving your own situation.

Life Tree Roots and Fruits

Mental world thoughts,emotions,believes.roots of being overweight,life tree

See, if in our outer life we are not getting what we want, it means that things are not going well in our inner life. Our outer life is a reflection of who we are. Not a reason, but a RESULT. Health is a result. Weight is a result. Our relationship, finance, spirituality, body, friends, job, education – all that grows from INSIDE.

Our Mental World – thoughts, emotions, beliefs, habits and mentality – influences our Physical World. It influences our body and our behavior.

The physical realm is basically the “printout” of our inner world. The problem cannot be changed in a “printout”. When we’ve already printed the paper with typo, it’s too late to correct it there. Taking some actions can surely help, but they will bring only TEMPORARY solutions. The error must be corrected in a computer, in a programming: in our subconscious mind, thoughts, habits and beliefs. They are the roots of our outcomes, and not vice verse.



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