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How to Trick Your Party Meals

I’ve recently attended a party where a lot of different foods were served. One woman, whom I’ve never met before, announced from the very beginning that she is on a diet and that she is going to skip most of meals. However, when courses of delicious meals were served one after another, she started to grab a piece after piece, and finally said that it’s OK to break a diet tonight, on this special occasion only.

Yup…I’ve thought…this is exactly what happens to dieters, and who can blame them? Being at the party is fun and we want to enjoy it fully. By putting restrictions, you stand aside decreasing (if not eliminating completely) all your fun and joy.

On the other hand, keeping a certain eating lifestyle expands your choices, so you can enjoy party meals.

Let’s learn some tricks, so you can convert dangerous for your figure party meals to healthy party meals, and have fun.

How to keep your desired weight while going to the parties.

  • Look for a fish, cheese, cold cuts, eggs, and olives among the party meals. These are usually served at the most of the parties, and totally acceptable.
    • Stay away from tartlets, crackers or sandwiches. Even whole wheat, grains or ray bread should be avoided at the party.
  • When the entree is served, choose grilled or baked meat, fish or poultry with fresh or cooked vegetables as a side dish.
    • Avoid heavy sauces, potatoes, cooked carrots, white rice or corn.
  • The critical moment may come during the dessert. If this is a relatively healthy party, there is a chance that berries, a good chocolate (more than 70% cacao) or nuts are served. Eat them without any concerns.
    • You are not going to eat the cake, aren’t you? If you are not sure that you can resist sweets – just leave that party earlier, before the dessert is served.

I understand that you may feel a little upset at the moment. However, you will not regret that later. Looking at the scale next morning and seeing that your weight didn’t jump up after that party, you’ll feel great emotionally and physically, proud of yourself, inspired and happy. Agree that those feelings are much more worthy than a slice of simple cake.

Make your next party healthy, and enjoy your tricky party meals!

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