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How to Naturalize Healthy Eating

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating Mindset, Dr.Irina Koles Boston MA. Bestseller in Diets. Wellness, Weight Loss Programs Plans. Low Glycemic Index


You’ll be surprised that the majority of people are talking, reading, and watching news about weight loss, without raising a finger. Or, in a good scenario, only apply a tiny percentage of what they’ve learned. This explains why the obesity statistics is so sad…

If you are serious about your health and well-being, it’s time to start practicing what you’ve already learned. Yes, incorporating healthy eating habits requires your commitment and consistency, and this all down to a discipline and your heart desire.

Ask yourself: “How bad do I want to be 20 (5, 10 or 50) pounds lighter?” Take a piece of paper and write it down. Now, stop being just a browser and finally become a DOER. The list below will help you to naturalize healthy eating habits:

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  • Develop a strong habit to read the ingredients on the labels. NEVER buy anything without reading the ingredients.
  • Don’t let fool yourself with organic food labels. Organic sugar, honey or white flour will hurt your figure the same way as not organic. Organic junk food is still a junk food.
  • Develop a habit of consuming unsweetened drinks. It may feel strange for a couple of days, but not any longer. You’ll become used to a new taste and even will find it much better. Plain water is the best choice. Stop adding sweeteners to your tea and coffee, and choose preferably decaffeinated types.
  • Look through the Glycemic Index of foods table, and take notes. Choose foods with Medium and Low Glycemic Index, and say “no” to those that have High Glycemic Index
  • Practice replacement strategies versus denying. If your favorite recipe contains a white flour, needless to say good bye to your favorite meal. Simply replace the white flour with Low Glycemic oat flour or sprout flour. See examples of delicious desserts on Low GI recipes page
  • You may surprisingly find that according to your previous habits and beliefs, you were avoiding some good foods which are actually perfect for you. They are offering a wider choice and bringing more fun to your life.
  • Think positive! Stop saying such things as
    • I am too fat
    • I must lose weight
    • I can’t eat potatoes never again
    • I am on a diet, etc’
  • Engage your mind to help your body. Instead, think and say out loud:
    • With Low GI, I am getting slimmer every day!
    • I am reducing my weight to become healthier and sexier
    • I find my new healthy lifestyle pretty interesting and enjoy it
    • I am discovering many new things and feel lighter and better every day

That kind of positive sentences will impress your subconsciousness, so it will help you to get slim easier and quicker. And the best part, by incorporating healthy eating habits and developing Low Glycemic Blueprint, you’ll achieve stable results, and will keep your desired weight forever.

Do it for YOURSELF and for your loved ones.

You deserve the best!

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating Mindset, Dr.Irina Koles Boston MA. Bestseller in Diets. Wellness, Weight Loss Programs Plans. Low Glycemic Index



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