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How to Avoid Snacks


healthy alternatives for snacksMy first advice is simple. DO NOT buy snacks!

  • If you are not going through snacks’ aisles in supermarkets, you have nothing to put in your cart
  • If you never bring unhealthy food home, you never eat it
  • Always eat well before going shopping (this one is not new, but still relevant)

Look for healthy filling up snacks:

The most important thing to understand in a healthy weight loss process: there is no need to starve and to suffer. In fact, no need to avoid snacks. Replace your regular snacks with Low Glycemic Index snacks:

  • All kinds of nuts (not caramelized, no sugar or honey added)
  • Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Dry fruits (no sugar added)
  • Chocolate which contains more than 70% cacao

When you apply food replacement strategies, the weight loss is easy.

Eat Low Glycemic Index healthy alternatives, and lose weight!

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