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Healthy Eating Lifestyle vs. Dieting

If you had a choice, which one you’d prefer: Developing a Healthy Lifestyle once, or going through a recurrent Lifetime Dieting?

If you were lucky enough to keep your weight off with yo-yo dieting, you may be wondering, “How can I become happier if I need to make a lifetime commitment and don’t eat my favorite cookies ever again?! I like them so much and I need them!”

Well, in my first answer, I will actually ask you a question:

“What do you like more: cookies (of which you’ve already consumed dozens of pounds and they still taste the same) or yourself? Is it important to you to feed your body with good food and keep it healthy?”

 My second answer is:

“You WILL eat your favorite cookies if you still want them. You can have some bad food once in a while; it simply will not be your HABIT anymore. When you achieve your ideal weight, feel great, look great, you’ll be THINKING and ACTING differently,  according to your NEW, better habits. Based on my experience, you will not be willing to eat those previously enjoyable cookies. If you are completely satisfied with your NEW style cookies, why would you do something which is not natural to you?”

Here is a simple comparison of two options:

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating Mindset, Bestseller in Diets, Wellness Weight Loss Programs Plans. Low Glycemic Index Dieting:

*Too many restrictions


*Emotional depression and anxiety

*Refusing food you like

*Declining social events

*Being back to your previous weight as soon as a diet is over

*Gaining even more weight after every unsuccessful attempt

*Feelings of guilt and unworthiness, that you couldn’t keep it (again)

 Healthy Eating Lifestyle:  Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating Mindset, Bestseller in Diets, Wellness Weight Loss Programs Plans. Low Glycemic Index

*Replacement vs. declining

*Changing your eating habits on the subconscious level

*Focusing on your health

*Preventing many diseases

*Right of choice in every situation

*Enjoying social events, cooking, eating,  and entertaining

*Opportunity to randomly eat “not healthy” food without addiction

*YOU manage the food, the FOOD doesn’t manage you

When you change the Eating Blueprint and achieve your ideal weight, your weight trend will stay stable for years. No more  “After” droppings and “Before” peaks! Making a right choice will simply become your second nature, and you’ll enjoy it!

You’ll be surprised how easy it is 🙂


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