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Eating Habits

How we think, how we behavior, and how we eat was programmed way before we were born.  It was programmed by other people and circumstances, without your permission. Maybe you were lucky enough to be programmed for good, but if you are not? Is it possible to get rid of your previous worthless programming and develop your own winning habits?

Researchers prove that young babies know naturally when they are hungry and when they’ve already had enough to eat. They just stop eating as soon as they are full.

However, later that begins to change. We develop habits which cause us to eat when we basically don’t need food and not hungry. We even don’t eat for a health. We eat too much because we are happy or unhappy, alone or have a company, reading or watching TV, or even just because we find a package of any meal or snack appealing.

That “baby-researching” results can be a very good reason for changing our wrong Eating Blueprint, starting to develop new eating habits, and finally move forward into a right direction. The Yo-Yo dieting is not just unhealthy, but it can also mess up our ability to read the body’s hunger signals, and makes more difficult to know when and how much to eat.

We can do anything we set our mind to. I would like to share one of my client’s story about her “allergy”. Once, when she was a little girl, she had difficulties breathing while eating raspberries. It scared her and her parents, and even she was completely OK just in several minutes, she got that file in her mind “raspberries are bad for me”. Doctors run some tests; however, the real cause of that short breathing still wasn’t clear. Do you think she ever touched raspberries once again in her entire life? NEVER. Not raspberries or raspberry juice, chocolate with raspberries or raspberry cake.

Now, imagine that you install the file “sugar and soda are bad for me” in your subconsciousness. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for developing a healthy lifestyle and better eating habits? Thinking about eating for your health may help you in this process. My survey results showed that 85% of you driven to lose weight for “being healthier” reason, and this is great! It worth the efforts, I think. Especially when you know that the results you achieve will last forever.

To YOUR healthier eating habits!



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