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Bridal Effect

Do you remember times in your life when you wanted something really desperate? Maybe it was a desire for having a new car, or for traveling to a certain place in the world? Maybe you were dreaming about pricey shoes with a matching fashioned bag, about a new job or starting your own business?

Can you recall how you felt at that moment? Do you remember overwhelming feelings of excitement and happiness while you were just thinking about what you wanted? Most likely, if your desire was strong enough, you made it a reality.

 steps I inspire you to take in achieving YOUR goal of reducing some extra weightIn terms of fitness and losing weight goals, the best example would be a bride, who wants to look gorgeous at her wedding. She is highly motivated because she wants to impress her fiancé while going down the aisle. She also wants to impress all the guests and her girlfriends. She is willing to make her wedding unforgettable, and … she is passionate about fitting into a smaller size dress.

Statistics say that 70-85% of brides are setting a goal of losing 15-20 pounds by their wedding and…the vast majority of them succeed!


Well, let’s analyze what actually stands behind this achievement. WHY brides achieve their goal of losing weight easier than others?

1. Desperate desire

2. Limited time

3. Clear goal: losing X pounds and become size Y by date MMDDYY

4. Strong positive emotions

5. General excitement, atmosphere of love and happiness

And these are exact couple_pexels-photo-132759-largesteps I inspire you to take if you are willing to drop several pounds!

I hear your voice: “But Irina, I am not a bride yet! I don’t have enough motivation..”

Well, if you cannot make it – fake it! IMAGINE that you are a bride, the bride’s mother or grandmother, father or brother, best man or bridesmaid – your goal is to get rid of those extra pounds whatever it takes, so you can impress hundreds of “guests” – your friends, colleagues, classmates, family members.

It may require some courageous imagination, but the goal is worth it, and I believe you can do it.




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