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Bestselling book Taste of Thoughts ®

Taste of Thoughts®. Improve Your Health and Whole Life

is a new Amazon Bestseller!
It reveals a convincing case that your weight and how you live life…
start with what you THINK…

TASTE of THOUGHTS® is not a nutrition guide – it is a guide to a better life! In this inspirational and easy to read book, I share with you my proven strategies how to live a healthier and happier life. Your weight does not matter. If you are only a little overweight, not dramatically overweight or obese, this book will help you.

What people say about the book TASTE of THOUGHTS®

Dr. Irina gifts us with a balanced approach to managing weight and enhancing health with proven strategies to make permanent shifts, in her easy to read and easy to follow book. Dr. Irina makes a convincing case that weight problems and obesity originate from the mindset. She inspires us to uncover the deep causes, and provides effective solutions about being healthier.
Ken Coscia, International Training Director for The Silva Method
Dr. Irina has found a clear and practical answer why people gain weight and more importantly how to change it. “Taste of Thoughts®” is simple and fun. This is not just about nutrition; it is a guide to a better life
Michael Ray Dresser, The Host of “Dresser After Dark” Radio Show
What a pleasure it is to have Dr. Irina’s book in the market. There are so many diet books to select from, but this one stands out. Not only does it provide valuable nutritional information, it is easy to read. Clearly, the whole concept of losing weight and living in a nutritionally sound way is hard to do, but this book helps the reader to look and think differently about their plate of food. As a psychologist who is always looking to help others with suggestions for improving their life, I am so pleased that Dr. Irina offers her valuable insights. “Taste of Thoughts®” is far more than just another diet book that speaks to diet and weight … it offers a perspective on life.
Dr. Karen Sherman
Dr. Irina Koles shows you the real reasons you’re overweight. Her advice will allow you to stay trim forever!
Steve Harrison, co-founder Million Dollar Author Club
What do you get when you take an immigrant’s drive for success and combine that with a physician’s passion for healthy eating, a smattering of science, some fun recipes and a huge helping of heart? The incomparable Dr. Irina Koles! Taste of Thoughts® may be just the kick-in-the-pants you need to help everyone you know get healthy.
Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A. Bestselling Author of Shatter Your Speed Limits
This book is a manual for better living, showing in succinct stages how you can gain control of your eating habits and work your way to a healthier life.Instead of telling you to eat a certain way for a certain time to lose weight, this book shows you how to incorporate a life plan to modify what you eat to create better fuel sources for your body. By doing so, your body will slowly adjust to reduce the extra pounds caused by less-than-desirable dietary choices. She shows the theories behind the plan, and gives you inspirational ways to make better eating selections. You’re essentially reprogramming your brain for a better life. She doesn’t bury the message with scientific mumbo-jumbo, but gives enough detail to explain just what is going on when you consume and digest your food.Filled with very practical tips, and tasty recipes for easy substitution choices.I’ve seen many diet books, but this is much more– this gives you a workable life plan. I believe it’s a great value, and extremely useful.
Dale T Phillips
In Taste of Thoughts®, Dr. Koles has hit on a profound truth: that it is our thoughts that control our weight – it’s not so much what we eat as why we eat. The language is beautifully simple for all to understand her philosophy. She’s also included some easy recipes to illustrate ways to make better choices in our food selections, and the book covers all aspects of how a modification to lifestyle will impact our health and weight. I found this book to be inspirational as well as giving me hope and motivation to make some positive changes in my thoughts about food. Thanks Dr. Irina!
Stacy Lee Goforth
I spent years feeling guilty when I ate a “forbidden” food or when I didn’t weigh and measure everything first. Finally, I found this amazing book that frees you from the restrictions imposed by pre-planned, one-size-fits-all diet programs. This book shows you how to enjoy a new guilt-free relationship with food. It teaches you how to use your own body signals, your five senses and your intuition to gain self-reliance and satisfaction.
Mary Agnes Antonopoulos
Dr Irina Koles helps you become aware of subconscious choices that affect your everyday lifestyle. I am in the process of losing 50 lbs and have found this book immensely helpful. I highly recommend it for anyone who is frustrated with their current weight and lifestyle. Well Done!
Denise Wade Ph.D.
A very interesting, informative, funny and humorous book about such boring and mainstream subject as dieting. Would enthusiastically recommend it to everyone, dieting or not. The book describes a fine way to stop obsessing about your weight and your calorie intake and to start enjoying life (at least, food related part of it). Among so many books, videos and programs about dieting this one demonstrates a fresh approach, based on your ‘wants’, not ‘don’ts’. Can’t wait for a Kindle edition!
Dr.Michael Filippov
Must read!! The author has a true background understanding of not only American eating habits but a worldly understanding of other cultures as well. I feel as though it gives a experienced breakdown of why most people go wrong in being in their desired health and weight goals. Great insight and knowledge I will take with me for life. Thanks Dr. Irina Koles!

P.S. Quite a few great recipes as well….

Irina has written an important book that gets to the heart of eating well and maintaining your health: mastering your thoughts. She gives practical ideas and advice that anyone can follow to unlearn your previous mindset towards food (“personal blueprint”) and re-learn a positive, healthful, life-affirming, life-long and delicious attitude to eating. Well Done!!
David M Shedd
Very motivational. Full of great ideas, actions to take and great recipes too! From the moment I started reading it, I knew the author had a clear understanding of how to manage any diet obstacles and create “whole life ” health. One of the best “diet” books I have read, mainly because it was so very much more than that.
Mary Rubino
Not just another boring diet book but an easy lively read with very good information on diet and life. In addition to the normal charts and stats she has included some pretty good recipes. Worth purchasing, reading, and enjoying.
T. Henderson
Very interesting and lively book, a real “delicious book”. I recommend this book for people who really want to change.
Dr. Svetlana Klayman
This is the book that we’ve been waiting for. Dr. Irina provides the roadmap to successful weight-loss and better lifestyle. Book offers a lot of very useful information such as comprehensive glycemic index table, delicious and easy to follow healthy recipes. Thank you Dr. Irina!!!
Thank you so much Dr. Irina for very interesting book. I think this book can give information to achieve healthy weight-loss for many people. It is great!
Bestseller in Diets Taste of Thoughts Amazon reviews.

Read TASTE of THOUGHTS® to Improve your Health and Whole Life!

You will understand what actually happens in your body when you eat

You will discover that we gain weight not because we eat too much, but because we have unhealthy eating habits

You will look at yourself and at your childhood and will find out the real reasons for your current extra pounds

You will learn about the Eating Blueprint and how to change it in your favor

You will develop a healthy Eating Blueprint

You will learn how to recognize unhealthy thoughts and how to replace them with beneficial ones

You will stop counting calories and being afraid of eating some extra food. Food is not your enemy; it will become your friend

You will learn how to make the right choice out of a vast array of food on an everyday basis

You will enjoy social, family and professional events without depriving yourself of the pleasure of cooking and eating

You will experience feelings of physical and emotional energy along with a clear understanding of why this happens to you

You will invest in your health and prevent the many diseases that can be caused by being overweight

Your new health and vitality path will help you improve your personal and professional life

You will use simple and healthy cooking recipes and learn how to adjust your own favorite recipes

Once you adopt a new way of thinking and eating, it will become your lifestyle and will last forever

ADD TO CART…..$14.95 !
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