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Avoid Gaining After-Holidays Pounds

We all like Holidays. We like the excited the atmosphere of shopping, choosing gifts, making a holiday menu and eating lots of yummy food. It brings us joy and lots of fun. At the same time, some issues can arise.

joy of eating AND a perfect healthy shape. Delicious holidays mealsThe holiday season can affect your health, your eating habits,and your weight. Overloading your system with excessive food is similar to metabolic assault: your blood becomes milky with fat, sugar, excessive amount of insulin, your blood vessels become less flexible, and your blood becomes more likely to clot. Unfortunately for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes, these effects are worse.

Let’s analyze the situation and think WHY we overeat on holidays?

I came with the 4 main reasons:

• There is a lot of delicious food around that we just cannot stand
• There is a lot of food that we do not allow ourselves on a daily basis
• We are following any diet, so we think that it’s OK to indulge ourselves on Holidays
• We want to taste “just a little bit” of everything once in a while

In my opinion, all those reasons have one thing in common: they come from the restrictions attitude. The bottom line is: USUALLY I don’t eat that.

If you have more reasons, please share them here.

Now, think for a moment what happens if you USUALLY DO EAT well. If you live a certain LIFESTYLE, just like vegetarian people do. Can you imagine a vegetarian, who is shoveling meat from plates on holidays? Sounds funny, right? They don’t even THINK about that, they don’t need this “reward,” and it is not a reward for them at all. Those people don’t like meat or don’t eat it for any other reasons, and deserve much respect.

The good news for those of us who don’t want to give up meat and other food we like is that we have a solution! You CAN develop a certain mindset, eating habits blueprint that not allows Holiday’s feast to hurt your figure. Which means you can have both (two for the price of one 🙂

The joy of eating AND a perfect healthy shape.

That’s why I am a big fan of the eating blueprint based on Glycemic Index of foods. I bring it to your consideration and highly recommend because had found this beneficial for your health and easy to apply. You can read about its benefits on How to Eat to Lose Weight page.

Forget New Year resolutions. Start new eating style NOW, and avoid gaining after-holidays pounds. Worth doing!

avoid gaining after-holidays pounds


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