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Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself?


Imagine a store that sells human WISHES.

You are going through the aisles, and amazed with the variety of the products. You can literally buy ANYTHING you want:

fancy-house_176860           Luxury cars, jets, and boats!

Beautiful houses!

                          Decent jobs or successful businesses!  




celebration-guys_169667gold-68149             Health


Great physical shape


                               Perfect self-expression

… and much much more!

Only two exceptions apply. You cannot buy Life and Death.

Lots of people are browsing around; some are staying outside without having the courage to step in; some prefer to stay at home and browse for similar products online.

Certainly, everyone is curious about the prices… The prices vary.

For example, a decent job or a successful business may cost:

  • lots of courage and challenge
  • adjustments for an existing life schedule
  • hard work with many extra hours
  • blind faith and strong will to succeed

You can get an engagement and wedding for almost nothing, or easily get Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal.

However, a happy marriage is pretty pricey:   rings_230290

  • unconditional love
  • lots of giving and supporting
  • high responsibility
  • kindliness
  • forgiveness
  • trust
  • giving up some old habits and accepting new commitments
  • jet-couple

    General happiness and prosper life are even more expensive:

    • a clear vision for your destiny
    • proactive behavior
    • giving up own jealousy, envy, and anxiety
    • sincere feelings of appreciation and gratitude
    • faith and spirituality
    • self-appreciation
    • self-permission for being happy now

    For a desire of having a healthy and attractive body you should also pay a certain price in this store:

    • courage to accept yourself as you are
    • honest evaluation existing eating behavior and believes
    • open mind towards new lifestyle development
    • investment of time, money and energy in building a beautiful healthier body
    • commitment and persistence
    • winning attitude

    People are astonished and browsing around, but not quite ready to purchase their heart desires. Many of them complain that the prices are too high; others leave very quickly without even checking on an entire store; the majority prefers to purchase a cheaper desire.

    However, there are always customers, who run to the register right away and excitedly ask for the most expensive wish! They know that their heart desire worth it.

    Making a good investment in themselves, they immediately feel and become so much happier!

    Everything on this Earth has a price.

    How much are you willing to pay for your sincere desire? Do you have one?

    It’s YOUR life. Be generous to yourself.

    If your desire is strong enough and promising you a positive change, don’t be greedy.

    Pay whatever is required and don’t bargain. It will come back multiplied.



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